Experience the Exhilaration of a Live Fight

Come to a Nemesis Fighting Alliance event today

Have you ever seen a professional fight up close? If not, you're missing out. There's nothing quite like the rush of watching two modern-day warriors duke it out. Catch a live professional fight by turning to Nemesis Fighting Alliance. We promote MMA by hosting unforgettable mixed martial arts and kickboxing fight nights.

Call 314-649-7733 today for more information about our live fights.

We guarantee that you'll  enjoy our fights

We guarantee that you'll enjoy our fights

Here at Nemesis Fighting Alliance, we go the extra mile to create memorable experiences. You'll appreciate that:

  • We use professional venues
  • We have a fun atmosphere
  • We put on fights regularly
  • We promote quality fighters

Our fights are the perfect place to bring a date or hang out with your buddies.

Work with a promoter who knows the ropes

Even if you're the greatest fighter in the world, you won't get very far if people don't know your name. If you want to propel your fighting career, get an experienced promoter in your corner. You can rely on the experts at Nemesis Fighting Alliance to:

  • Plan your fights
  • Secure the venues
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Promote your fights

Rest assured that there will be security and medical personnel on-site. Contact us now to learn more about our promoting services.

Are you interested in becoming a Ring Girl for one of our upcoming events? Do you have great style, a bubbly personality and a radiant smile? Nemesis Fighting Alliance, a premier mixed martial arts promotion is seeking top-notch, classy ring girls to be a part of the show that live streams globally.

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Ring Girls event outfit will be provided.
  • Must be able to lift their arms holding the ring card for at least 1-2 mins.
  • Transportation and Accommodation are not included.